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Global coverage

  • The USGS Landcover Institute have a comprehensive list of links to landcover products for each continenent (the most comprehensive I've seen).
  • NASA's NEO repository offers various types of landcover data, summed under tabs for ocean, atmosphere, energy, land, and life. The Blue Marble images are also available through this link.
  • NASA distributes a range of Ocean Color Products, derived from the MODIS Aqua satellite. These include sea surface temperature, salinity, and primary productivity. The Giovanni server is an easy to use web interface for visualizing this data.
  • A global water mask derived from MODIS data is available through the GLCF.
  • Wetland data are also available at GlobWetland and through RAMSAR.
  • The OPEX/Poseidon and Jason-1 satellites measure ocean surface topology and circulation response to winds
  • The QuickSCAT Seawinds instrument reports windspeed and direction
  • CODAR (Coastal Radar) measures ocean currents
  • NASs MODIS(Moderate resolution imaging spectrometer) and NOAA GOES (Geostationary Orbiting Earth Satellites) measures ocean temperature by measuring infrared wavelenghts.
  • The Aquarius instrument measures ocean salinity.
  • Chlorophil are measured by ???


Local coverage

North America

  • NOAA's DigitalCoast Service Center offers landcover and lidar data for coastal locations of the USA, including landcover products, habitat maps, and structural maps for notable events, such as after hurricanes.



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