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Global coverage

  • Comprehensive NASA catalogue at USGS' Global visualization viewer (GLOVIS), Earth Explorer, or NASA's Reverb Client
  • USAID's Geographic Information Support Team (GIST) repository distributes a range of spatial products "for the greater humanitarian community".
  • The Global Land Cover Facility offers various types of processed and unprocessed remote sensing data
  • NASA's MODIS pages links to a great number of MODIS products. The USGS' MODIS data table also provide links to a great variety of MODIS-derived products.
  • DIGITALGLOBE offers various commercial remote sensing products
  • offers a range of remote sensing products.
  • Various remote sensing products available from ASTRIUM, including SPOT images
  • NCAR's Community Data Portal is a collection of earth science datasets from NCAR, UCAR, UOP and other organizations.
  • USGS' FEWS (Famine Early Warning System) data portalis an information system that identify problems in the food supply system that possibly lead to famine.
  • Geoland is a rather comprehensive remote sensing product repository.



Local coverage



North America

  • First, always be careful of budget cuts!
  • The USGS's Earth Resources Observatio and Science (EROS) Center offers a wide range of remotely sensed products for the USA.
  • The USGS's National Map Viewer and Download Platform is another resource from where users can obtain data for North America, including data on Elevation, Orthoimagery, Hydrography, Geographic Names, Boundaries, Transportation, Structures, Land Cover, US Topo and Historical Topo Maps.
  • The NC ONE MAP dataset provide various kinds of statewide data for North Carolina.
  • Canada distributes a wide range of products, including vector data, remotely sensed data, and elevation data through their GeoGratis portal.
  • Tiger Training Kit for water in Africa.




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