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(Last updated, March 5, 2017)


Welcome to my remote sensing data links archive. While working on multiple remote sensing projects, I've found it sometimes quite challenging to find the data I needed. To overcome this challenge I amassed quite a database of repositories in my browser's favorites folder. Sorting through these became tedious, and I also needed to add notes to each entry. That's where I decided to create this resource. It's not meant to be a professional product, or comprehensive; it's just a listing of all the bookmarks I saved or may have saved. But rather than keeping it to myself, I thought it good to make this information more widely accessible. I hope you find some use in these resources.


Needless to say this is a constantly evolving product. You should also not hesitate to email me if you feel some links that should be here are missing. Having said that, please note that, while some GIS repositories are included here, the focus falls mainly on remote sensing products, especially those covering broad scale.


Data links

Satellite data links

Topography data links

Landcover and land use data links

Ocean data links

Structure data links

Weather data links

Some general remote sensing data links

Tools and software (mostly free products)

Visualizations and other web map services

Some GIS data links (beyond remote sensing)

Conservation data links (beyond remote sensing)

Movement, tracking and distribution datalinks (not strictly remote sensing)

Free online remote sensing/GIS training



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