I’m an environmental scientists interested in solving dynamic challenges of a changing world. Humans depend on a healthy natural environment, which in turn necessitates responsible resource use. Facilitating this requires integrated approaches which are more impactful than the sum of their parts and thus have a greater potential for lasting solutions. 

I excel in critical thinking, communication, and leadership. These skills are showcased in the 20 peer-reviewed manuscripts I published during my PhD, which also required me to excel in both independent and teamwork environments. In addition, I have held multiple leadership positions both in my professional life and volunteer activities, and presented multiple seminars, both invited and at international conferences. 

My experience includes defining and analyzing complex interactions in biological systems. In West Africa I quantified synergies between climate change and habitat loss, while in South Africa I showed how birds respond differently to interactions between humans and the environment. Building on these experiences, I’m currently looking to transition into opportunities where I can use my skills towards more holistic approaches to environmental protection, human development, and responsible natural resource use.


Please follow these links to learn more about my specific research activities.


Main reseach themes
PhD thesis research
Interacting threats to nature Habitat loss and climate change, West Africa
Consequences of habitat loss Connectivity and recovery of St. Francis' satyr
Recovery of rare species Hurricanes, islands, and the Miami blue
Avifaunal natural history  




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