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I have been a keen birder since childhood, and today still maintain a keen interest in the natural history of our feathered friends. My interest in avian research is broad, and encompasses conservation, distributions and abundance, taxonomy, behavior and more. 


Much of my formal research activities revolved around birds. During my B.Sc (Honours) thesis research I investigated how birds respond to forest fragmentation. During my M.Sc. thesis I asked how the interaction between human activity and the environment influence bird species richness patterns. One of my PhD chapters also involves looking at how the interaction between climate change and habitat loss influences bird ranges in West Africa. Between my M.Sc and PhD. training, I spent a year on subantarctic Gough Island doing research to determine the feasibility of eradicating invasive mice predating on the island's rich oceanic avifauna.

I am also actively involved in non-academic bird conservation initiatives. I have been a qualified bird bander/ringer since 2001, with advanced experiences that include working with raptors, large seabirds, shorebirds, and nightbirds. Between 2002 and 2005 I was a member of the Conservation Subcommittee of Birdlife Northern Gauteng (a branch of Birdlife South Africa). During this time I served as member of the Conservation Challenge panel and the Records Vetting Panel, and I was the initial facilitator of the Ezemvelo Bird Monitoring Project. Personal highlights include being member of a team initiating the establishment of the Elandsvlei Conservancy and initiating a regional monitoring project. The regional monitoring project has gone through various phases, and has now culminated into the South African Bird Atlas Project II (SABAP II).

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