I had 100% responsibility for ZO260 labs during the Spring semesters of 2008, 2009, and 2010


Ecology, Evolution and Behavior – ZO260L
Office Hours: By appointment
Lab times: Section 201: Mo 12:25 - 15:10
Lab times: Section 202: Mo 15:35 - 18:10




Course Outline:

Lab 1* Laboratory safety and policies; Foraging
Lab 2 Foraging, Intro to Restoration Ecology
Lab 3*  Restoration Ecology (NC Art Museum)
Lab 4 Plant Adaptations
Lab 5  Plant Adaptations
Lab 6* Demography (Oakwood Cemetery)
Lab 7* Population Estimation (Yates Mill Pond)
Lab 8*  Restoration Ecology (revisit NC Art Museum)
Lab 9*  Pond Ecology, Diversity Estimates (Yates Mill Pond)
Lab 10*  Forest Disturbance (Hemlock Bluffs)
Lab 11*  Forest Communities (Yates Mill Pond)
Lab 12*  Restoration Ecology (Final visit to NC Art Museum)
Lab 13*  Primate Conservation (Duke Lemur Center)

* indicate outdoor labs

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